Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall in Fayetteville

After our freakish Winter,  a Spring of floods, and a Summer with record high temperatures and very little rain, I am so thankful for Fall!

I (normally) enjoy all the seasons. In fact, I am so glad to live where there are distinct seasons. But I can easily say Fall is my favorite. I LOVE Fall. NOT just because school starts, although I do enjoy routine. It's more because I love to wear jackets and scarves and boots. And I love all the foods that go along with the cooler weather- soups, chili, pumpkin pies, even tailgate foods! I love the sense of community that comes with Razorback football. I love the craft fairs that are all over the place in October. I even love the un-creepy parts of Halloween. And then, Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday- friends, family, tons of great food, with the focus on being thankful for what we have, not on what we want! A perfect holiday.

Here at the store, we're in full-gear Fall from now till November, when we will switch gears to Christmas! Can you believe it is coming so soon? Our Open House for the holidays will be on November 4 & 5 (with a sneak preview on November 3). You won't want to miss it. Also in November, we'll be at the NWA Boutique show. And Red Hill Gallery & Homewares will celebrate our one year anniversary. It's hard to believe, but we are happy to reach our first big milestone.

The store looks great and is really a fun place to shop. We have lots of new merchandise in stock and get new stuff almost daily.

So, after a rather long blog break, that's the update. Thanks for keeping us busy! We are really having fun!

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