Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Besides the literal reference to the blazing hot temperatures, I have been informed by my younger sister that I am pretty much very uncool. Let me explain - she is four years younger, a buyer for a major department store, married just three years and no children. Can I repeat that last one in case you missed it?...No children. She gets uninterrupted sleep at night, she can still wear a two piece and she does not have to go to Chuck E. Cheese...ever. That being said, she is often embarrassed when shopping with me at "mom" stores, laughs at my bedtime and is just plain astonished at my choice in television programming.

Just last night on the phone she was mentioning the live-streaming episodes of "24" she and her husband had religiously been watching the past few weeks. Then, I (mistakenly) thinking we had something in common, mentioned that we had also become addicted to a show on Netflix- The Andy Griffith Show! There was silence on the other end of the phone....I think she had covered it up with her hand to laugh.  I spent the next few minutes trying to defend Andy, but I just couldn't make her understand- she would have to see for herself.
Our family watches two, maybe three episodes a day. This totally fine, because there are hundreds of episodes. Alongside Seinfied, The Andy Griffith show ran eight full seasons and actually ended when it was still was at the height of it's popularity. It is funny, nostalgic, clean and wise beyond it's time. Trust me, it is very much worth any "un-coolness".

I think I should mention some very "cool" new products we have in our store...

These are handmade, letterpress signed and numbered prints done by two friends just north of us in Missouri. They are called 1canoe2 and you must go check out their website and all their cool products. We are currently carrying the above print, the "Round" things coaster set, the Storybook House Kit, and the recipe cards.

We have lots more new stuff in our store, we are working on stocking up for the fall and planning for the Christmas season, too.

Needless to say, we have been "busier than a cow's tale during fly season!"....(The Andy Griffith show, Season 1, Episode 21).

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  1. Cool, Schmool!!! You're FUNKY, and that's WAY MORE IMPORTANT!!!! ;)