Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Space & Annie Sloan Chalk paint

You may have noticed, we are no longer located at 440 College. We hated to move, really. But, we had to have more space. We wanted to have more space. We have stuff we want to do, and it just takes space.

For a variety of reasons, we decided to go ahead and close temporarily, even though it will be a little while before we can open at our new location. So, we hope you will hang in there with us during this transition time. Very soon, we will let everyone know our re-opening date and new bigger location (with more parking, too!).

Between now and then, though, Cari and I are busy working on all kinds of exciting things! For example, we now have a website: You can check it out now, and in the near future, buy stuff on-line.

Our other REALLY BIG NEWS is this: Red Hill is now offically the first (and currently ONLY) stockists for Annie Sloan Paint in Arkansas. It is one of the first things we will have available on-line. Why is this so exciting? Because this paint is the coolest thing we have seen in a very long time. And we are totally convinced that you will love it! Because we love it. Check it out here:!/pages/Annie-Sloan-Paint/238287625304   and read about it here:

This is my very first project painted with Annie Sloan Paint. I wish I had a 'before' photo to show you, but trust me when I tell you, this table was not pretty. It was in my bathroom with a basket of toilet paper on it! I went outside as soon as I got all my kids off to school one morning, painted it with 1 coat of Paris Grey, let that dry, then waxed. No surface preparation required! You can apply directly to prefinished wood, particle board veneers, metal, etc. It saves a ton of time and the end product is a beautiful smooth finish that is so easy to antique or distress.

We are so excited about this paint, we will be taking pre-orders. If you can't wait to get some, shoot us an email or message us on Facebook. We will be carrying every color, as well as the brown and clear waxes.