Saturday, February 12, 2011

February, the beach, and Valentine's Day

So much for January being unpredictable. February just set some new records! Actually, February is our usual month for snow around here, but NEVER EVER have I seen anything like the snow we've had this year! In particular, last week's snow. I went to bed expecting a few inches and woke up to nearly 2 feet! It was beautiful and amazing and really wonderful. During the previous week at home due to only 6", I felt  frustrated and trapped. (I knew Target was probably open, but I couldn't get there.) But with 18"  of snow covering ALL of  Northwest Arkansas, I knew we were ALL in the same boat- nobody's going anywhere. Somehow, that made me happy. Maybe because I didn't feel like I was missing the fun somewhere else. (Am I totally selfish?) So, what to do with kids at home for days on end? We made our own fun. With four kids, you can pretend it's a party without even calling anyone to come over! We played Phase 10 (a lot), made  popcorn everyday, snow ice cream several times, and brownies and homemade pizza and and get the idea! We fed the birds and we fed ourselves. I decided I would cook my way through the Pioneer Woman cookbook. Until last week, I had only looked at the pictures, though I have had it awhile. Anyway, Ree (the PW) seems like a kindred spirit to me and I like to eat, so...pot roast, chicken pot pie, soup, muffins- all good. The turkeys (my kids) are really hard to impress. (I only get 'Mom, this is really good!' when we have Hamburger Helper.) But they ate it! I also did quite a bit of on-line shopping. And, at some point during the week, I booked our family a house at the beach for a week in June.

Obviously, the idea that I had to wear a swimsuit to the beach was not really on my mind. Oh, but it is now! Just in time for Valentine's Day- the holiday of love and chocolate. :) I will eat chocolate, I'm sure ( I have never turned it down), but this year I am getting my kids wax lips. They are so fun and funny and I can't resist.

Well, it is Saturday night and nearly bedtime at our house. I will be in the store on Monday. The romantic in me hopes you all buy your love a Valentine. And the mother in me hopes it doesn't snow again till next February.

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